About us

About Us

We are an advocacy that meets the legal and partners, to protect them based on our broad knowledge, theoretical and practical in Tax Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law and General Business.

We in the prevention, as in the solution of legal problems of our customers, administrative or judicial.

We are an advocacy that meets the corporation and its shareholders, to protect hem based on our extensive knowledge, theoretical and practical in Tax Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law and General Business.

We in the prevention, as in solving the legal problems of our customers, administrative or judicial. See the law as a whole and use the breadth of our vision o get the best legal solutions for each client, whether proposed actions, defending or targeting extra-judicially, as the peculiarity of the case requires.

Thus, we consider each case as special because it contains specific implications of the reality of the client, we evaluate to guide our conduct in every situation. That is how we do that primarily in mind, it is found, with the highest knowledge of the law and its application, the legitimate means to solve the problems of our customers or give them the best treatment.

So we managed to solve cases of simple to complex and we feel honored to sometimes resolve situations cited by many undeceive. This is our greatest satisfaction.

Therefore, all our professionals are committed to the best result, inafastável than compromise with the best technique.

We serve customers throughout the national territory and international clients in relation to its interests and relations with Brazil.

Our headquarters is in the city of São Paulo State, but to act effectively, we have correspondents in the main Brazilian regions, and a subsidiary in Brazil, through which we work and get the most important information from the centers of decision and power of the country.


Our Law Firm was founded to protect and help the legal entity, due to its huge importance to our society, not to be defenseless, vulnerable and disrespected.

Thus, our law firm approaches the legal entity with all dignity it deserves and that is granted to it by our legal system, making possible for Haddad Neto Advocacy to provide services through attorneys who are intellectually, humanistic and emotionally prepared to assist each legal entity as if it were our sole and exclusive client.

This is Haddad Neto Advocacy main motto, and our law firm will gravitate around the knowledge of national and international law, using it to protect the legal entity and its members, devoting them the most absolute loyalty.

In fact, our mission is accomplished by a staff that has become more and more engaged in its profession, composed by professionals who keep developing as professionals and as individuals. Thus, our mission aim is to provide such development to our staff.


Haddad Neto Advocacy has existed for about 8 years, but it has around 27 years of experience in regard of corporate problems, mainly litigation.

Haddad Neto Advocacy was created in 2001, as a result of more than 19 years of its Head Attorney and Law Professor, Nicolau Abrahão Haddad Neto’s experience. As a result of his performance as executive manager and director of several companies in the automotive sector, Haddad Neto has always been very close to commercial and legal conflicts of numerous organizations, and was familiar with their main difficulties to survive and grow in our country.

Therefore, in our history, we have rendered services to small and large size corporations, being our performance the synthesis of almost three decades of corporate experience.

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